The organic beauty of natural stone is one that captivates all; whether you’re an architect­­, specifier, procurer or even a homeowner. Perhaps it’s the attraction of stone’s inherent characteristics that is so pleasing to the human eye; from the sheer elegance of sandstone to the endurance of pure limestone and the strength of granite. However, hidden deep in the roots of the UK’s favourite aesthetically-pleasing hard landscaping materials a distressing story is, all too often, concealed; a narrative that’s enshrouded in child labour, underpaid and underprivileged workers and a society that’s stripped bare of fundamental human rights. Amongst the few advocates spearheading the challenges faced by modern slavery in the hard landscaping realm, proudly stands Marshalls, the UK’s leading hard landscaping company whose dedication to ethical sourcing has gone above and beyond many of its peers within the natural stone sector. As part of its commitment to responsible sourcing, the morally-considerate supplier sponsored an insightful roundtable during last month’s Clerkenwell Design Week at the Marshalls Design Space in the heart of London’s design quarter. In this article, FC&A uncovers the findings.

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