Liquid waterproofing: why use wet-on-wet applications?

Victoria Ramwell

UK Marketing Manager at Kemper System

Quick and easy to apply, and with solvent-free options available, liquid roofing and waterproofing solutions can minimise disruption for busy retailers. However, when specifying liquids for retail environments, it is important to establish whether a wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry system is appropriate.

For example, achieving a consistent coverage rate can be more challenging when using a wet-on-dry liquid waterproofing product, especially with the topcoat. If not applied correctly, this can lead to UV damage to the base layer and subsequent system breakdown.

Specifying a wet-on-wet system with a reinforcement fleece, means it is easier to obtain a consistent coverage. Operatives know enough resin has been applied when the fleece is no longer visible. The resin then cures to form a single, fleece-reinforced, chemically-bonded membrane that is UV stable.

Furthermore, as operatives don’t have to wait until the first application of waterproofing resin has dried before the final layer is installed, a wet-on-wet system can generate significant time savings and less site disruption, especially if part of the retail site is still occupied.

Wet-on-dry systems that require the base coat to cure before application of the UV topcoat can also be more prone to wind-borne debris or moisture forming on the surface overnight. This is less likely with wet-on-wet applications as they are laid in a single process.

Whichever liquid waterproofing solution is specified in a retail setting, it is always advisable to opt for an experienced liquid manufacturer with full system training and warranties.

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