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First impressions count and kerb appeal sells houses. Before your customer has even set foot inside one of your homes, they’ve developed an opinion on it. The external infrastructure of a development is often at the bottom of a developer’s priority list, but it helps to create a sense of community and individuality – and makes a real difference to the value of the homes you sell.



ngaging suppliers as early as possible to receive sound, warranted installation advice can drive significant cost out of a build, freeing up budget so your architects and designers can be as creative with the outside space as they have with the homes themselves. Working with a reputable supplier who really understands your objectives could make high-spec, premium driveways and access roads far more affordable than you might think.

It’s worth bearing in mind that surfacing materials frequently cost as little as 20% of the installed cost of a pavement, driveway or road, so a few pounds per square metre on blocks or flags will make little difference to the overall cost of the installed system. Clever design can also create sub-base installations that are shallower, quicker and less expensive to install than those suggested by the British Standard – another factor that could put outstanding hard landscaping well within your budget.

Crucially though, once the designs have been agreed, quality installation is the only way to ensure that your development stays looking great for years to come. A thoughtfully designed, well-installed development featuring good quality products is the best advertisement for the homes you sell – and early engagement with the right suppliers can make that less expensive than you might think.

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