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There has been much debate on social media of late about the inaccessibility of wheelchair-accessible toilets, says Kelvin Grimes, Away From Home Project Manager at Clos-o-Mat.

Proteus Facades has helped create an awe-inspiring fortress-like facade on FetLor Youth Club using its Proteus SC corten rainscreen cladding.

As the fight against climate change gains momentum, new technologies are challenging the status quo in construction. However, the regular emergence of new disruptors such as energy storage means it can be difficult to keep a good overview of the solutions available. Here Ivo Arnús, Business Development Director at Norvento UK, looks at how specifiers can use this leap forward in the energy sector to their advantage – and design truly future-proof, self-sufficient, intelligent buildings in the process.

As timber frame continues to grow its share of the housing market, Alex Goodfellow, Group Managing Director of Witney-based building materials supplier Stewart Milne Timber Systems, draws on more than 30 years of experience in the house-building industry to explain why off-site construction with timber systems could be key to delivering new home targets across the UK.

When fire breaks out in a high-rise, the immediate challenge for firefighters is how to overcome the fact that an average fire hose won’t spray any further than 50ft and as such, the fire can therefore only be fought from an adjoining structure, or from the inside.

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