Thames Water protects south London site with solutions from Zaun

The integrity of the fresh water supply to London has been stepped up with an array of cameras, high security fencing, vibration sensors and razor wire.



he installations at the Thames Water site in south London are to protect two football pitch-sized reservoirs that hold the chlorinated and disinfected fresh water supply for much of the capital’s population.

The site’s 15 acres of wide-open green space offer some of the best panoramic views across London and had been popular for picnics and recreation. But, the risk to the water supply forced the UK’s largest water and waste company to further enhance the security along one side of the perimeter of the reservoirs, where a public footpath has provided easier access for trespassers and committed graffiti ‘vandals’ to enter.

The Zaun Group had already installed its most intruder-resistant fence, ArmaWeave, and razor topping around the whole site. ArmaWeave can be raked across undulations in ground levels, after Zaun developed an installation method to make best use of the properties of the high security fabric. The fencing – which is unique to Zaun, as is the ability to rake it – is produced on the world’s largest mesh weaving machine at the company’s West Midlands manufacturing base.

It limits the need for stepping panels on slopes and reduces installation costs significantly compared with standard welded mesh systems, while still conforming to the highest rated standards for fencing products defending against forcible attack. ArmaWeave’s unique properties add substantial resistance to cutting attacks with hand, powered and non-contact tools. The tight mesh pattern provides no climbing aids, again, limiting the potential for intrusion.

Thames Water asked software security expert EyeLynx to design a solution based on its SharpView CCTV system to protect the site of Critical National Infrastructure. Zaun Group companies EyeLynx and Binns installed two huge temporary CCTV masts with high-performance PTZ cameras, thermal cameras with video analytics, horn speakers and high-powered Wi-Fi to link the two with a SharpView networked video recorder.

SharpView systems can record and manage multi-megapixel and HD video evidence from an unlimited number of CCTV cameras. Alarms are also recorded from other security devices such as facial recognition, intruder and fire sensors.

Built on the latest Enterprise class Linux operating system, the SharpView recording engine delivers the fastest storage and retrieval performance in the industry. All units record network IP video of any resolution, frame rate and compression formats including; M-JPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264. It supports a variety of digital I/O and devices connected over USB, ethernet and RS 232/422/485. GPS tracking and wireless connectivity is also supported.

CPNI-approved PIDs were also fitted which, fully integrated with SharpView, provide the site with a triple layer of electronic security of the highest quality.

The system can provide alarms and CCTV video evidence, so whenever a camera or vibration sensor detects a potential breach of the fence line, the horn speakers can broadcast audio warnings, send alarms to security personnel and capture video evidence for potential prosecutions.

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