The Colours Inspiring Us in 2020

As we navigate through these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to create workplace environments that help people to work in a way that best suits their needs. As the base of any design, it is important that the flooring you choose incorporates the right colours, patterns and textures to support the mood and experiences you wish to create and curate, says Laura Light, Concept Design Team Leader at Interface.


Colour, in particular, plays a vital role with its innate ability to change our behaviour and mood. To help inspire your creative vision, we’ve put together three of the biggest colour trends for the year ahead which we believe will significantly influence the design of workspaces.

1. Into the blue

While many shades go in and out of fashion, our love of blue remains. It came as no surprise when Pantone announced Classic Blue as its ‘Colour of the Year’ for 2020. In a chaotic world, blue is a sign of trust and stability and naturally makes us feel safe and secure.

Taking a deep dive into the naturally soothing shades of indigo, denim and lavender blue, our palette spans dark, rich mid-tones and pale hues and helps to provide spaces for concentration and calm thoughts.

With Classic Blue, intense tones remind us of the ocean, while crisp, light and bright shades of powder blue make us think about blue skies and clouds. Frosted lilac and blueberry tinged with lavender also signal a significant shift, moving away from ‘true blues’ that have dominated recent seasons.

Blue has the power to positively impact our wellbeing in the workplace. The colour palette reflects the differences between night and day, emulating the feelings and mood they create. Brighter, lighter shades of blue awaken our minds and pave the way for fresh thinking. In contrast, warm inky tones naturally aid concentration and focused discussion.

2. Subtle blush

Following the buzz around pink at Milan Design Week 2019, we predict that people’s love affair with this colour will continue with the emergence of warm shades like berry and rose blush. These colours, which are warmer, offer an antidote to our often, hectic digital lives.

Laura Light

Concept Design Team Leader at Interface

The warm and nurturing Subtle Blush colour palette offers a calm and soothing mix of softened tones like pink, salmon and rose blush to revitalise an office. Sumptuous, earthy, colours including red clay, terracotta and russet bring about a sense of nostalgia for simpler times.

As busy workers continue to look for spaces to retreat and recharge, we expect to see this uplifting and welcoming colour palette adopted in workplace design across the world to help soften our places of work.

3. Golden ochre

When we are looking for reassurance, we are often drawn to more optimistic colour palettes, so it’s no surprise that yellow remains a key colour for office interiors in 2020 and beyond. The golden ochre offers a much-needed uplifting and energising spectrum of colours. Rich jewel and spice tones are perfectly paired with more muted shades to instantly energise interiors and lift spirits.

The zesty yellows of previous seasons have made way for calmer tones. In many ways, these colours provide a subtle nod to the 70s revival we are witnessing in interior design today, bringing back nostalgic shades which evoke a deep, timeless quality.

These golden shades instil a sense of lightheartedness and add a burst of brightness to workplace environments and are useful for zoning areas. We’ll continue to see this warm and soothing colour palette reflected in design throughout 2020 as we navigate through this period of unknown.

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