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When it comes to the public realm, planners often talk about how to make spaces more inclusive, welcoming and liveable. However, the security of public areas is paramount, something which was reinforced by the tragic terror attacks seen across Europe over recent years.


This has brought a renewed focus on safety and physical security. Fencing and HVM barriers are at the forefront of this effort as the general public becomes increasingly aware of their sense of safety when out in public. Inappropriate or insufficient security measures can have significant consequences such as a breach or attack, and in some instances can exacerbate people’s concerns, contributing to a climate of fear.

Understanding the threats faced is key to designing your security infrastructure. It’s important to understand the local crime context, what the most common crimes are in the area, and how to prevent them. Conducting a risk assessment can help identify risks, hazards and issues with design or layout.

A secure-looking site can deter attackers before they even make an attempt. For business owners whose premises are very much in the public realm, visible measures can prevent breaches through appearing insurmountable. This could include fencing, CCTV and fence toppings, combined with clear lines of sight.

However, at the same time, you do not want to turn a public space into a fortress. Fortunately, an innovative approach can protect against dangers, such as vehicle-as-weapon attacks, without interfering with the architecture and landscape of the local area.

Subtle measures can be specified to protect residents which are sympathetic to their surroundings and, as a result, hardly noticeable.

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