Creating designer changing rooms for boutique gyms

Boutique gyms are generally designed to look and feel like an exclusive club and are a fast-growing market in the UK. These spaces demand changing areas which reflect their individuality, ethos and brand image with design-led, on-trend interiors setting them apart from other health clubs and leisure centres.



When it comes to boutique gym design, each site will often have its own specially created interior design scheme which can differ to other gyms even within the same chain. Washroom has installed new washrooms, showers and changing room areas for three Third Space clubs in London. All three are unique with the designs drawing on a range of high-specification and unusual materials and finishes including Ted Todd end grain feature wood panels, Zodiaq stone and copper-effect laminates.

Elements such as exposed pipework, concrete vanities, monochrome colour schemes, stainless-steel accessories and metro tiles with contrasting grouting can be used to create an industrial-inspired design, which remains on-trend. As part of a recent project which perfectly encapsulates this style, Washroom designed glass shower cubicles with a bespoke saloon-style door opening, created specifically and solely for the project.

Finding the perfect balance

It’s essential to consider the practical implications of materials used and their expected lifecycle as part of the overall design to ensure the shower and changing room areas will be able to withstand high levels of traffic to remain in pristine condition for longer.

Solid surface materials such as Corian and Zodiaq, which are ideal for vanities and grooming shelves, can be cut and joined with a seamless finish and are available in a wide range of attractive colours and textures, offering a low-maintenance, hygienic solution without compromising on design.

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