For building facade refurbishment, glass is a popular and versatile material. Simon Boocock, Managing Director of CRL Europe, looks at the latest systems available for safe and effective installation.

One of the critical design elements during renovation work at the Mauer Regional Hospital was the need to prevent impact sound being generated on the staircases. This was successfully achieved by using the Schöck Tronsole integrated impact sound insulation system.

Made of brick

Is building with brick more sustainable than other methods of construction? The short answer is, yes. However, there are many factors that should be considered when assessing the sustainability of building materials and not all of them are straight forward.

Technological progress has made air source heat pumps easier to install and a more practical choice as a domestic and commercial heat source, says Darren McMahon, Marketing Director at Viessmann.

Dealing with excessive noise from heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) plant within commercial and residential buildings can require complex and extensive noise control solutions. Rob Lomax, Sales Director at Wakefield Acoustics, explores further.

The buzz around 5G is growing. And in construction, while the prospect is creating real excitement, many are still unaware of the tangible impact it will have. Burcin Kaplanoglu, Executive Director and Innovation Officer at Oracle Construction and Engineering, explores further.

As the focus on sustainability intensifies in the wider construction industry, environmental concerns are increasingly on a par with capital costs as a key design driver. In the future, flexibility will be crucial, whether building from scratch or redeveloping existing sites. Chris Stanley of the Concrete Block Association explains more.

In a first for a leading UK retailer, a prefabricated approach has allowed them to extend one of their retail premises with great success, creating extra space and the wow factor for their customers with less than two weeks on-site building required.

What role can art, and in particular public art, play in making an area more desirable? This question might seem like an academic exercise, but it has become a pertinent topic of discussion for property developers and investors. Kia Knight, Founder and Director of 1-of-1 Art Group, discusses further.

BDG architecture + design has completed the new Amsterdam campus for WPP as part of its global co-location strategy, which is to provide world-class spaces that bring together its people and agencies into one location, encouraging greater collaboration and giving clients easier access to all of WPP’s talent and expertise.

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