Horticultural Greenhouse Converted into Hospitality Room

Forme Architecture + Urbanisme has delivered an atypical project – the conversion of a horticultural greenhouse into a hospitality room, located in the private garden of the breast cancer clinic Clinique Saint Jean de Dieu, within a conservation area in Paris.



Location: Saint Jean de Dieu Clinic, Paris’ 7th arrondissement conservation area

Client: Saint Jean de Dieu Fondation

Project manager: FORME

Type of project: Heritage rehabilitation

Programme: Hospitality room for art education, conferences, etc.

Area: Existing – 100m2

Budget: €750,000 excluding tax

Timing: Delivery in September 2021

Label: Wood construction and reuse of bricks

Structure: Brick plinth, wooden canopy

Materials: Wood, brick, glass and terrazzo

Project leaders: Clément Maitre, Robinson Neuville and Emma Costantini

Photographer: Giaime Meloni

Within Paris’ ‘7th arrondissement conservation area’, the project is a heritage rehabilitation of a listed former horticultural greenhouse and a conversion into a hospitality room. Located within the private garden of the Clinique Saint Jean de Dieu, the greenhouse enjoys a privileged landscaped environment that is appreciated by its users. Built in the 18th century to cultivate medicinal plants, it remained in use until the end of the 20th century before gradually being abandoned.

Both the lack of space within the clinic and the desire to put the building to good use encouraged the Saint Jean de Dieu Foundation to undertake the project. Indeed, protected by the Plan de Sauvegarde et de Mise en Valeur (PSMV), which controls development of the site, this existing vacant building provided an opportunity. In this context, the foundation decided to convert the greenhouse into a hospitality room to accommodate different activities for the clinic staff and patients.

The challenge was to convert the building for new uses all year round, respecting the constraints imposed by the PSMV to protect and enhance the listed building. While the envelope has been discreetly restored outside, the conversion is more evident inside where it has been fitted-out and the ground floor lowered. Inspired by the existing layout, the interior revolves around a peripheral bench that accommodates the technical services and opens up the central space for multiple uses. A heritage rehabilitation that intrinsically modifies the building while preserving and enhancing its history and architecture.

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