HKA unveils plans for world’s largest leisure park

Following its ‘Urban Lung’ project that embellished the pages of June’s issue, Yaoundé-based firm HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates returns to this month’s issue with another feast for the eyes, Fine Flower – Dubai Heart; which is set to be the largest leisure park in the world.



KA | Hermann Kamte & Associates has unveiled its proposal for an iconic waterpark in the Middle East named Fine Flower – Dubai Heart. The design intends to break the record for the largest iconic leisure park in the world, the tallest water slider and the largest man-made waterfall building.

In 2017, HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates was invited and selected to a restricted international competition by the Dubai Municipality to reinvent the city waterfront by proposing an entertainment centre which could be the new iconic place of the city. Directed by Architects Hermann Kamte (Creative Director), Ange Djoke (Architect) and Joseph Ndi (Architect and Urban Planner), the architectural concept seeks to play a leading role in tourism attractions, sports and healthy social life in Dubai.

Dubai is representing culture across the globe aside its position as a business centre. People are travelling to Dubai from across the world to discover technology and to observe architectural designs. Fine Flower – Dubai Heart is planned to be the largest leisure park not only in the city but the world. To be the most complete waterpark in the world, the project is dealing with the relationship between architecture and nature. The design has identified the need to explore the connection between humans and three main elements – water, earth and air. The project is set to hold the record for the world’s tallest artificial waterfall.

The challenge consists of creating a space that will provide a leisure atmosphere with respect for the environments. Fine Flower – Dubai Heart has a heart-shaped design surrounding the towers. The project is inspired by the shape of a flower, a natural element which needs water, air and earth to grow.

The design is addressed to the young, the old as well as families who want to relax and share unforgettable moments in the Middle East. The site provides a gathering point for practising sports and water activities. Furthermore, for visitors, the project utilises different methods to educate, excite and entertain. Consideration is given to the advanced high-technology facilities.

Fine Flower – Dubai Heart is a small island divided into several elements to encompass the different activities such as the main step heart-shaped building, tall water slides and towers, a water activities plaza, sports activity areas, children’s water zone and water playground, cafes and restaurants, a gift shop and shopfront zone, a facility building for lockers, showers and toilets, roof shops and activities, a panoramic restaurant tower, visitor's service facilities (ticketing and information), front gate security and administration facilities, sea-sand beach areas, water jogging walkways, food service areas, open-theatre plaza services, outdoor exhibit support facilities and the project has the ability to insert marina within the project; museums, etc.

The scheme aims to increase the awareness of Dubai to the global audience and to attract more tourists.

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