Considering the significant amount of our time we spend outside of our own homes – in offices and in public buildings such as schools, hospitals and shops – we’d hope that all the materials and equipment of which they’re comprised are safe from fire hazards and other risks, writes Koen ter Linde, Vice President of enterprise in Europe, CommScope.

When fire breaks out in a high-rise, the immediate challenge for firefighters is how to overcome the fact that an average fire hose won’t spray any further than 50ft and as such, the fire can therefore only be fought from an adjoining structure, or from the inside.

Here James Smith, Co-Director of A-SAFE, explains why designing in safety at the architectural stage is essential to ensure a productive operation.

With changes to CDM regulations now placing accountability for the safety and integrity of a completed project solely with the principal designer, specification considerations which could impact on the risk of defects or failures have never been more topical.

Timber claddings are fantastic, natural materials for creating warm and stunning appearances to new build projects. However, depending upon the project, UK Building Regulations will require an approved and effective fire retardant protection to ensure a safe service life.

Illumirail is a stylish and practical lighting application for incorporating into handrailing installations. With the choice of RGB, coloured and bright white LEDs, it doesn’t just aesthetically provide the finishing touch to any handrail project, it also offers a solution to safety and security issues surrounding dark stairwells and walkways. Illumirail can be fitted in wall mounted or post mounted handrailing.

Dickies have introduced a number of exciting new products and ranges for 2016, with style and functionality offering unsurpassed value for money.

Coopers Fire explains how fire curtain barrier systems may be used to provide boundary protection to both new and existing buildings.

Sentencing guidelines for safety offences and corporate manslaughter took effect on 1st February 2016. Here, Associate Andrew Clarke of Gullands Solicitors looks at the key features and how companies should respond.

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