Here, Paul Hutchens Director of Midlands-based solar specialist Eco2Solar, explores the current and future landscape of energy production, deconstructs the barriers to becoming a more sustainable society and examines why it’s down to us as consumers to develop a greater self-reliance in powering our homes.

With the ErP Directive coming into force on 1st January 2018, Daniel Wild, Senior Development Engineer at Nortek Global HVAC explains what it means for radiant heaters going forward.

La Seine Musicale is a performing arts centre located on an island between the River Seine and Paris’ commune, Boulogne-Billancourt. Designed by French and Japanese Architects Jean de Gastines and Shigeru Ban, La Siene Musicale’s design is intended to evoke the emotions of artists, adults, children and curious passersby.

As the fight against climate change gains momentum, new technologies are challenging the status quo in construction. However, the regular emergence of new disruptors such as energy storage means it can be difficult to keep a good overview of the solutions available. Here Ivo Arnús, Business Development Director at Norvento UK, looks at how specifiers can use this leap forward in the energy sector to their advantage – and design truly future-proof, self-sufficient, intelligent buildings in the process.

With over 120 chain stores operating 20k branches across the UK switching the heating on and throwing their doors open to customers, it’s no wonder their energy bills are making a huge hole in their profits. As internal temperatures drop by as much as 10°C within moments of the doors opening, it’s time for businesses to close the door on energy loss.

It’s a given that fossil fuels are a finite resource and it’s only a matter of time before they run out. The problem is buildings use a lot of energy, so planning for the future has never been more important.

Incorporating natural light in office buildings has become a key trend. But work, rest or play, we can all benefit from a burst of sunshine. Here Chris Chaney, Managing Director of Sunsquare, explains how attention to daylighting should be paid to residential as well as commercial buildings.

A nationwide survey commissioned by Sky, reveals that almost 70% of people would like new build properties to be better equipped for modern living, with people citing a desire for more storage, renewable energy, and pre-wired TV and broadband.

When looking for a smart thermostat to make a difference in heating costs, consumers often get swamped in a jungle of terminology and great-sounding features. Which of these features and qualities will actually do its job and to add value for me?

Peter Thompson, General Manager of ISO-CHEMIE UK, provides an insight into the trade-off between airtightness and ventilation in sealing products.

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