Powdertech Landscape makes an impact

Powdertech Corby has recently completed powder coating of over 3500m2 of aluminium rainscreen cladding, capping, flashings, window reveals, column casings and soffit panels on a new Grade A office building in Milton Keynes.

The developers were impressed with Powdertech’s Landscape Stone powder coating range which replicates the colour and random markings of natural stone. The designers were keen to use the attractive, durable appearance of stone on the exterior and Powdertech Landscape proved to be a credible alternative to the expense and weight of real stone.

Kilkenny Stone was the shade chosen, a Qualicoat Class 2 powder with high performance corrosion protection, weather resistance, colour stability and unique finish where no two panels are exactly the same.

Create the shade you need

Bespoke shades can be created to match existing stone. Landscape Ballycastle stone was developed in 2018 for Westfields building extension at White City. Part of the building already had a stone façade, but the new façade was designed to use lightweight aluminium panels.

The designers explored alternatives that could provide both a fast turnaround and the enduring appearance of Jura limestone. A sample of Jura limestone was sent to Powdertech Corby where tests of different powders and effects were compared against the stone which has natural veins of quartz and fossils appearing against a beige background.

Within four weeks, Ballycastle Stone was ready to be applied to 4500m2 of aluminium cladding panels. The overall effect on the finished building is an homogenous appearance of stone, across the whole, but with variations in flecks of colour against the background, just as in the stone itself.

Guaranteed to look good for many years

All Landscape powders have high performance corrosion protection and weather resistance, and carry the Powdertech 25-year guarantee. They are low maintenance, requiring only a wash down with water and a mild detergent every 18-months in a non-industrial inland environment.

Another Landscape range, Terrain, contains six terracotta shades which are proving increasingly popular. Earth elements as building materials will always appeal to us and the ability to recreate this appearance on lightweight, plentiful and recyclable aluminium satisfies both a subconscious draw towards natural elements and sustainability aspects.

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