A High Style Trio from Antron® Carpet Fibre

INVISTA Antron® carpet fibre features in the unique pile structure of the latest high-texture carpet from German innovator, Carpet Concept.

Eco Iqu S features a distinct protruding and twisting loop pile pattern made possible by the design possibilities of Antron® carpet fibre, a type 6.6 polyamide.

With a strong and dense polymer structure, through the favourable hydrogen bonding within type 6.6 polyamide; Antron® fibre allowed Carpet Concept to create the stunning three-dimensional aesthetic of Eco Iqu S with the quality demanded by commercial locations. Developed over two years, the carpet demonstrates that design and performance starts with the fibre.

Three different types of Antron® fibre have been employed by Carpet Concept to create the stunning aesthetic and high-texture of Eco Iqu S; Antron® Lumena™ carpet fibre for the base and a 50/50 mix of Antron® Brilliance™ and Antron® Legacy™ to create the loop texture. Each fibre has a unique set of performance characteristics that have allowed the carpet manufacturer to create such a unique design, demonstrating that design does indeed, start with the fibre.

Antron® Lumena™ offers excellent durability and stain and soil-resistance, using the more favourable molecular alignment of type 6.6 nylon to deliver impressive performance. Solution-dyed, this fibre is designed to deliver in demanding commercial environments, so is ideal for use as the base for the style. Then, Carpet Concept has employed the vivid colour made possible with Antron® Brilliance™, mixing it with one of the widest range of lustres and fibre sizes in Antron® Legacy to create the unique long loop pattern of Eco Iqu S. Both fibres use a hollow cross-section to help disperse light and minimise the signs of soiling.

The carpet comes in 38 different colour combinations, once again demonstrating just how flexible Antron® carpet fibre can be, giving the designers at Carpet Concept freedom to create one of the most exciting carpets of recent years. Woven in a standard four-metre width, Eco Iqu S can also be supplied in tile format, making it ideal for all types of commercial environment, where it delivers Class 33 Commercial Heavy rating.

Jo Lea Keppler, marketing communications manager, INVISTA Antron® Carpet Fibre, comments on the launch of Eco Iqu S from Carpet Concept: “Not only is this carpet extraordinary in its approach to texture, it is also a demonstration of how carpet fibre can be used to deliver a carpet that’s high in style, while also remaining strong enough to withstand use in commercial locations; testament to the performance of Antron® carpet fibre. Through innovators such as Carpet Concept, Antron® is part of some of the most distinct carpets available today. Eco Iqu S must rate as one of the most impressive launches the industry has seen recently and with three different types of Antron® carpet fibre utilised; it is a style that truly demonstrates it all starts with the fibre.”

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