Custom Colour Mixing With Osmo

Country Colour just got even more exciting! Along with the 19 standard colours Osmo offers, the exterior wood finish Country Colour is now available in over 2000 custom colours, which are made to order from your local Osmo Dealer.

No matter what finish you want to give your life – Osmo has the right colours. The best part is you get to choose: soft, warm or bold. Our do-it-yourself mixtures make it all really easy to create new colours. Country Colour will bring out the best in wood surfaces in the home and garden.

Also, from January 2021 any custom colour ordered from the RAL Classic and NCS colour charts can be delivered in only 3-5 business days.

What nature has invented we cannot make any better. This is why Osmo focuses on oil-and-wax-based finishes that work naturally. The oil penetrates deep into the wood protecting it from inside; the waxes form a microporous surface – allowing the wood to ‘breathe’. At the same we pay attention to the right balance between good application properties and safety for you and your family: only quality oils and waxes are used. Not to forget, our production guarantees quality: the high content of colour pigments offers hiding power from the very first coat.

For more information, pop onto the Osmo website.

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