Nordic Décor – a new Dimension for Interiors

The launch of Nordic Décor adds an extra dimension to the diversity of Nordic Copper surfaces and alloys from Aurubis, particularly for interior design

Copper is the metal of choice for interiors and Nordic Copper standard, pre-oxidised and pre-patinated surfaces, along with various alloys, provide an impressive range of living colours. Now, Nordic Décor takes design opportunities with copper to a new level with eight embossings for rich surface textures and seven grindings for distinctive matt surfaces – each with its own warm natural colour tone.

Nordic Décor products are well-suited to a wide range of interior applications, such as wall and ceiling cladding – including elevators – highlight surfaces, bars and counters, as well as external facades. The material can be shaped, edged, milled, lasered, cut and bent.

Nordic Décor Embossings are available in Nordic Brass Weathered or Nordic Royal alloys, Nordic Brown and Nordic Brown Light pre-oxidised copper, and Nordic Green pre-patinated copper. They provide regular patterns of raised or recessed forms, some abraded to reveal highlights of the base material colour for additional design effects. Nordic Décor Grindings are available in Nordic Brass Weathered or Nordic Brown. They are abraded with linear, cross-hatched or curved-swirl hairlines to give distinctive matt surfaces.

Nordic Copper is a natural, non-toxic material that is non-brittle and safe to handle and work. Its inherent antimicrobial qualities make it ideal for touch surfaces in buildings. It has a melting point of 1083˚C, ‘A1 (non-combustible material)’ fire classification to EN 13501-1 and, therefore, ‘Class 0’ surface spread of flame, making it suitable for wall and ceiling surfaces in communal areas.

Aurubis is part of the world’s leading integrated copper group and largest copper recycler. For more information or to receive a sample pack of Nordic Décor finishes, please get in contact ...

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