Armstrong Ceiling Solutions launches SonoPerf D® – a unique embossed metal tile

A specially-designed “perforated” metal tile combines acoustics with aesthetics.

A unique metal tile has been launched by Armstrong Ceiling Solutions to meet the requirement for acoustics which do not come at the expense of aesthetics.

SonoPerf D® (D for design) combines specially-designed ultra-discreet embossing for optimal acoustics with a monolithic visual.

The latest addition to Armstrong’s impressive portfolio of metal and mesh metal ceiling solutions, it is particularly suitable for use with radiant chilled ceiling systems.

This is due to its 3D fine micro-slotted embossing which allows for a homogenous air flow through the metal panels, improving the performance of a chilled ceiling system while also providing good flow in a deflected air stream.

Suitable for small and large rooms, as well as corridors and as floating ceilings in buildings of all types, SonoPerf D® features up to Class A sound absorption (1.00aw) when used with a 40mm mineral wool acoustic infill and is available in selected Clip-In, Lay-In and Hook-On systems as well as floating canopies.

SonoPerf D® has already proved popular in Switzerland, where for instance 4,500m² was installed in the mixed-use Toni Areal in Zürich and 2,500m² in the Canton Hospital in St Gallen, it is now being launched throughout Europe, its unique design making it as suitable for prestigious as well as standard spaces.

Available in square and rectangular panels with a maximum size of 3000mm length and 800mm width and a range of colours, the tile comes with acoustic fleece as standard although additional infills are available if even greater acoustic performance is required. It is manufactured from 30% recycled steel and is available with a 15-year product and 30-year systems guarantee.

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