Hauraton customised drainage solutions

Hauraton manufacture a vast selection of surface water drainage channels for Civil and Landscaping applications that cover all loading categories from Class A15 to F900 and storage volumes up to 443.0 litres per metre. Their FASERFIX® channel components are cast from the company’s Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) whilst the RECYFIX® channels are moulded from 100% recycled polypropylene (PP). Both of these channels are available with a wide range of slot or mesh gratings made from ductile iron, galvanised steel, stainless steel or FIBRETEC®, a composite reinforced material (PA-GF) developed specifically by Hauraton.

Although Hauraton’s FASERFIX® and RECYFIX® stock ranges cover most application, Architects, architectural technicians and engineers need not be constrained by the components offered. The company can provide customised solutions that achieve reliable drainage, and where necessary, provide designs that blend in with the desired aesthetic effect demanded.

Where a customised solution would provide the answer, Hauraton Area Project Managers will document the designer’s specific requirements at an early stage of the pre-planning phase. A specialist team will then engineer the channel scheme taking into account the aesthetic appearance of the channel run as well as its functional requirements.

Tim Connolly, Managing Director of Hauraton Limited says, “Solving the many and diverse surface water drainage requirements requires in-depth knowledge, considerable expertise and comprehensive experience. Our technical office personnel and Area Project Managers have this technical and product-specific knowledge. If a specifier requires anything out of the ordinary with regard to functionality or design, we can support their individual requirements, from project-specific tender text, through to production, delivery and installation. For further information about Customised Drainage Solutions, customers can request a copy of our digital 48 page catalogue.

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