Boon Edam creates optimum entrance solutions

All-glass revolving doors were brought to the market by global entry experts Boon Edam in 1996. Designed with an ‘always open, always closed’ principle in mind, Boon Edam’s iconic revolving doors are open for visitors to pass through with ease, while remaining closed to dirt, noise, and adverse weather conditions.

The original revolving doors

Boon Edam’s impressive portfolio of products includes the popular Tourniket and Crystal Tourniket revolving doors. First created in 1903 and constructed mainly from timber, the Tourniket was the first revolving door manufactured by Boon Edam. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, with the option of three or four door wings, the Tourniket has since evolved into a highly versatile, intelligent entry solution. The Crystal Tourniket by Boon Edam is constructed almost entirely from glass, using subtle stainless-steel accents to ensure the solidity of the door. The door fits in seamlessly with modern glass facades, while also providing a striking addition to more traditional buildings.

Power and speed control

Boon Edam ensure that all their revolving doors comply fully with EN16005 and ensure that the optimum mode of operation is supplied on all doors installed. The market leading Tourniket and Crystal Tourniket Revolving Doors can be supplied with manual, automatic or servo-assisted operation (PPS) to match the requirements of the building whilst ensuring the that all products are as safe as possible.

PPS (Positioning, Power Assist and Speed Control) is operated manually, with it’s operation being assisted throughout the door revolution, positioning the door in the optimum rest position to conserve as much energy as possible and making the door as intuitive as possible to use, as well as limiting the wing speed, thereby ensuring that the inertia of the door can never become excessive in whatever situation.

Bespoke safety settings

As well as boasting an elegant appearance, Boon Edam doors are equipped with a range of standard and optional safety features to ensure maximum safety for users and building occupants. Optional safety features include compressible safety buffers to stop the door operating upon physical contact, or presence sensors (EBS) to prevent operation without the need for physical contact. Tourniket and Crystal Tourniket doors can also come with a door set which can collapses when a disabled access button is pushed, allowing swift, unhindered disabled access and an emergency escape route. The range also includes the revolutionary Tourniket Auto-Folding Door which, at the touch of a button, folds the doors automatically for the optimum of accessibility. Fully compliant with the strictest safety regulations including BS EN 16005, Boon Edam also provides a TourLock 360 product upgrade; a lockdown feature for added security.

Geoff Firth, Boon Edam’s Area Specification Manager commented, “What people don’t always realise about Boon Edam is that our solutions can be entirely bespoke to suit almost any requirement. Our experts make it a priority to form close relationships with all parties, ensuring a collaborative approach throughout the whole process. Our range of retrofits and upgrades means entrances can be tailored to a client’s exact needs, to help bring their vision to life.” Boon Edam works closely with clients to deliver future-proof, bespoke entry solutions. With over 140 years of expertise and knowledge, experts create quality engineered entrance products to manage the movement of people throughout offices, universities, healthcare facilities, airports and many other building types.

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