Flush tilt-turn window creates design perfection

Profile 22 has launched a unique externally Flush Tilt-Turn window system designed for commercial applications, especially medium and high rise buildings.

The distinctive sleek, urban and modern design of its flush exterior frame avoids the overlapping of framework associated with conventional PVC-U systems, making it especially suitable for applications such as new-build apartments, housing hotels, offices, universities and colleges.

The Profile 22 externally Flush Tilt-Turn can achieve A++ WER Rating (U-Value 0.8 W/m².K, in line with Passivhaus standards) with argon-filled triple-glazed units, due to its energy efficient six-chamber sash and five-chamber outer frame as well as the inclusion of Profile 22’s innovative Aeroframe thermal barrier. This window design not only offers superb thermal performance thus eliminates the need for expensive krypton-filled units. The high performance weather seal system allows for more efficient drainage of water, greatly improving weathering and thermal capabilities.

Profile 22 Commercial Sales Director Andrew Reid said: “The externally Flush Tilt-Turn offers sleek simplicity in its appearance, combined with the functionality of the tilt-turn and the high specification that can be expected from any Profile 22 product, making it the ideal choice for commercial applications of all types. Like all tilt-turns, it offers the benefit of top opening for ventilation or fully opening from the side for cleaning the exterior from inside, and has the option of restrictors for added safety above ground level.”

The Profile 22 externally Flush Tilt-Turn window has a large maximum opening size of 2,300 X 1,450mm, with 28, 36 and 44mm glazing options and is available in 28 coloured finishes.

Product features include:

  • Flush, urban and modern design
  • No overlapping of framework externally
  • High performance weather seal system
  • Secured by Design and BES6001 accredited
  • Triple glazing can achieve u-values in-line with “Passivhaus” to 0.8 W/(m².K)
  • Achieves WER A++
  • Anti-slam as standard
  • Compatible with common types of hardware
  • Design flexibility with maximum opening size up to 2300 x 1450mm
  • Glazing options: 28, 36 & 44mm
  • Perfect for medium-high rise buildings
  • Several window styles available in BIM format
  • Available in a range of 28 colours including dual options
  • Sash is neatly positioned inside the frame
  • Six-chambered sash and five-chambered outer frame with “aeroframe” technology
  • Concealed hinges & gearing
  • Overcomes design issues with traditional tilt-turn windows
  • Recycled composite outer frame reinforcement
  • Designed & manufactured in Great Britain

Andrew Reid added: “The demand for a flush style window came from architects requesting a window that is more ‘commercial’ in appearance, greater colour options and higher performance in both weathering and thermal. The simplicity gives the architect carte blanche to build a design around the frames without the distraction of overlap, chamfer or sculpturing.”

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