Granada Secondary Glazing – Sleek, Stylish & Secure

Granada Secondary Glazing are the UK’s largest bespoke secondary glazing manufacturer, specialising in sleek, unobtrusive products that are suitable for virtually all domestic and commercial applications.

All of their products are made using robust aluminium frames that lock in heat, block external noise and offer an additional layer of protection against any would be intruders.

Recent thermal data has revealed that Granada’s product range is able to reduce heat loss by up to a staggering 70% when paired with a primary window, making it more effective than even the most high-spec triple glazing window solutions. These figures are more than just numbers on a page, though, as homeowners across the UK have felt the financial benefit of Granada’s products. One Manchester-based homeowner cut her energy bills by 40% post-install. As energy bills continue to soar, there’s never been a better time to consider Granada’s suite of products.

Granada have worked tirelessly to create a suite of products that blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of any primary window, rendering them virtually invisible to the naked eye. The Granada team are so confident in their ability to offer the most high-spec secondary glazing solution on the market today that they’ve created a handy suite of videos that compares their products to two leading alternatives.

View more videos on the Granada Glazing YouTube channel.

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