ESG BSafe: Bringing Glass Back to Balconies

This year, the team at ESG used their expertise to devise a revolutionary new product in the form of ESG Pyrotech BSafe.

BSafe is a new enhanced toughened laminated product, developed specifically to provide an option for glazed balconies more than 18m from the ground. Developed in the wake of the Grenfell Fire tragedy, this new product provides a response to the blanket ban on the use of toughened laminated glazed panels in balconies over 18m from the ground.

ESG Pyrotech BSafe is perfect for use below the 18m limit imposed by the 2018 revision to the Building Regulations; but ESG believes that it should also be an exempt or compromise product for use above 18m. Customers who wish to specify this product for use above 18m are encouraged to request dispensation from building control to apply this as an acceptable compromise product. ESG will provide technical support and advice to those wishing to do so.

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