Privacy door latch improves on traditional products

The Pemko Privacy Door Latch is a simpler, more effective and easier installed alternative to a security chain or swing bar on a hotel bedroom door.

Many hotel guests feel much safer when they are away from home with an additional security device on their bedroom door that opens enough to see who is outside - and even examine an ID pass - but stops intruders from opening the door enough to gain access without the occupiers’ consent. Many people have also experienced other guests entering their rooms by mistake, sometimes even issued with the wrong keys at reception.

The commonly used chain or swing bar designs need to be attached to both the door and the frame (and correctly aligned) and both these options can sometimes allow the door to open enough for them to be defeated. In comparison, the Pemko PDL, distributed in the UK by Relcross, has many advantages.

The PDL consists of a single bracket with a strong steel flap that can be opened to completely stop the door from opening more than 56mm or closed to allow free access. It is very simple to operate even by those with limited dexterity making it practical for use in rooms adapted for disabled use as well as standard rooms.

It is only attached to the frame leaving the door untouched and pristine. There’s only one bracket to be fixed and no two parts to be aligned. This means it’s easily fitted in just minutes. Fixing to the frame gives a much stronger anchorage and does not rely on a chain or bar secured to a relatively thin and lightweight door. Additionally, it cannot be used to try and keep the door open and so reduces the opportunity for damage to the door and frame by misuse.

The Pemko Privacy Door Latch is available in 5 finishes to harmonise with almost any colour scheme making it even more unobtrusive.

Success in the hotel market in the USA has also led to a growing market for the PDL for use on private residential doors, particularly with its easy D-I-Y installation.

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