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With changes to CDM regulations now placing accountability for the safety and integrity of a completed project solely with the principal designer, specification considerations which could impact on the risk of defects or failures have never been more topical.

When it comes to roofing, wind uplift is not the only risk. Failure to comply with building regulations, fire hazards from hot works, condensation and drainage issues are all areas that can cause such significant defects. These threats can compromise structural integrity, reduce the service life or the building, but most importantly pose a health and safety hazard to occupiers, contractors or the public.

Understanding the nature of the risks and the roofing technologies available for different applications is critical to avoiding serious defects and the risk of litigation. Which is why Sika Liquid Plastics has developed a RICS-approved CPD seminar called 'Managing Risk for the Principal Designer'.

Contributing an hour of CPD points towards designers' professional development targets, the CPD has been compiled to aid designers when selecting roofing solutions. Not only will it enable them to understand the risks associated with different types of roofing systems and how these can be avoided, it will also equip attendees with the roofing specification knowledge they need to meet current and predicted legislative requirements.

Roofing is often included in a project as a performance specification with the principal designer enabling the contractor to select the proprietary system or even the roofing technology used. While this option often results in a high standard of completed project by tapping into the expertise of the contracting sector, the CPD we've compiled helps define the risks associated with substrate type, building use, location and wind calculations. This information will help specifiers deepen their knowledge of roofing system performance, service life and guarantees.

Reputable manufacturers should always take responsibility to undertake the wind load calculation, which in turn specifies the entire system. However, no matter how well the calculation is conducted, it is the responsibility of the approved roofing contractor to work in line with the requirements set out by the calculation.

Sika's latest CPD highlights the various training options available from reputable manufacturers to approved contractors to enhance understanding of risks that may be overlooked at specification stage. Ultimately the long term integrity of the roof depends on an accurate specification, the quality of the system and the skill of the installation team.

The new CPD is just one of a number of seminars offered by Sika. To book a 'Managing Risk for the Principal Designer' session or find out more about the other CPD Seminars Sika contact us today.

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