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RMIG’s City Emotion philosophy exists to capture the passion for creative and exciting urban design by offering innovative technologies and materials. Recent case studies showing the use of perforated and expanded metal for facades and sunscreens include:

1. The Golden Dice, Bang & Olufsen (B&O)

This iconic building is designed by arkitec A/S. When embarking on the project, it was important that the building’s exterior should be just as exceptional in design and appearance as the interior. The material selection and design of the building are based on B&O’s new flagship store concept and product design.

Using RMIG ImagePerf, the individually adapted TECU Gold panels have their own specially designed perforation pattern running across the entire facade of the building, creating an unusual and fascinating design that resembles entangled snakes. All in all, the golden panels cover an area of approximately 350m².


2. Kolding Campus, University of Southern Denmark

The five-floor building is designed by Henning Larsen Architects and finding sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions was a key point in its construction. The triangular motif has been repeated throughout the building in different forms and shapes, giving the construction a special dynamic effect and openness. RMIG has extensive experience in finding environmentally-friendly solutions with sunscreens that have innovative perforated designs, making them both functional and inspirational. The perforation pattern used for the facade at SDU is designed and adapted to the sunscreen’s opening angle of 30º, which gives the optimal balance of light and energy in and out of the building.


3. Learnmark Horsens, Denmark

For architect firm Kjær & Richter, it was important to combine the best possible indoor climate with an elegant exterior when assigned to design educational facilities for Learnmark Horsens. It is a well-known fact that concentration levels drop if the indoor temperature goes up and this led the architects to search for an aesthetically-pleasing solution to block out the solar radiation.

It was decided to create a sunscreen mounted approximately 2m from the facade to give the building a light expression without compromising the screening effect. The expanded metal panels provide the perfect balance between light and shade.


4. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

Following the London Olympics, it was decided to turn a temporary multi-storey car park at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park into a permanent fixture. Haptic Architects conceived the winning idea to clad the whole structure using perforated aluminium panels from the RMIG City Emotion programme. The result is a stunning transformation with an aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

The aluminium modules are designed with a strong triangular geometry that gives the facade a contemporary feel and offers the visitor an ever-changing impression of light and shadow when viewed from different angles and at different times of the day.

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