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Radley College is a private boarding school for boys aged between 13-18, located in the village of Radley, in Oxfordshire.

The college offers students top level education from GCSE to A-Levels, preparing them for university life. The large grounds are filled with a blend of old and modern buildings, demonstrating how the college has maintained its historical roots while making continuous efforts to modernise and upgrade its facilities.

As part of a significant refurbishment of the labs and lecture theatre in the science block, completely reshaping the classrooms and corridors, the lighting system was identified as an area which required an upgrade.

The science block has been in place since 1937 and is an integral part of the college. The previous traditional luminaires were inefficient and outdated. Tamlite Lighting were specified to offer a lighting solution that delivered a significantly enhanced illumination effect, as well as substantial energy savings, to modernise and enhance the building.

Lighting for Education

The physics and chemistry labs were renovated, adding bright colours and white walls to create a more crisp, contemporary room design. This was enhanced by the high performance, stylish Tamlite luminaires, offering a high colour rendering index, plus an opalescent diffuser to reduce shadowing.

Task lighting, particularly important in science labs, was installed directly over desks and workspaces. The aim of this design was to provide crisp, even lighting and remove shadows where people are working.

In addition to this, the luminaires delivered an improved light output in classrooms and lecture theatres, significantly boosting alertness and wellbeing among students. At such an important stage of their academic lives, focus and concentration when learning are important traits for students, so a lighting system that delivers this is invaluable.

Enhanced Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is, understandably, a key consideration at Radley College. With all of the boys living on site, it is critical that they are not tired throughout the day, as they have responsibilities around the school, as well as a number of sports clubs to attend. Maintaining their focus and concentration, while minimising lethargy, is critical at such an established college.

Full Scale Solution

The requirements for the project were sent to CEF Abingdon, who specified Tamlite Lighting to deliver the right solution throughout the science block. Tamlite liaised directly with Radley College, providing a range of samples to demonstrate the potential benefits of the Tamlite solution. Simon Valentine, the Radley College electrical contractor, commented, “The samples provided by Tamlite were fantastic, the Estates manager loved them, and we could clearly see what we were going to achieve with the new lighting system.”

Research shows that modern, intuitive LED lighting in universities, colleges and schools can help students and teachers to overcome early-morning tiredness and boost alertness and concentration levels throughout the day. Tamlite Lighting technologies and strategies are always designed with people and energy efficiency in mind.

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