How Bobtrade CEO Shneor Crombie is transforming the future of the building supplies market

Headed by CEO Shneor Crombie, Bobtrade is revolutionising the sector by connecting builders and merchants across the UK to deliver a more efficient way of buying and selling building materials.

It offers builders a powerful, yet simple procurement platform, where they can order all building supplies online with one click and have it delivered to their site the next day. It also provides better control and full visibility of their projects, budget and clients.

Supporting independent businesses is a big part of what Bobtrade stands for. Shneor explains: “By working with independent builders and merchants, we can optimise the market and give them more opportunities and more power when they buy and sell through Bobtrade.”

Shneor admits there have been huge challenges: “No one thought that construction could evolve and digitise. I took Bobtrade to many investors and they all said, ‘Yes, it’s a huge market and you have a very interesting idea, but the construction industry won’t change!’ But guess what? It’s changing rapidly, and I am proud that Bobtrade is leading the front of the building supplies procurements.

“The next steps for Bobtrade is to transform the construction industry in the UK and overseas. We will continue working hard to build our product so that we can provide a reliable service to more and more builders to help them build future projects easier, faster and more efficiently.”

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