Powdertech Corby demonstrates the importance of colour swatches

Powdertech Corby has made significant investment in a dedicated swatches and sample booth to provide clients to with metal swatches of the powder coating shades they are interested in. Going one stage further, clients can send in a piece of their own metal and have it coated and returned as an accurate sample of the final colour they will achieve.

“Choosing shades and tones from paper colour charts, or websites, is never 100% satisfactory,” said Richard Besant, Director, Powdertech. “We know how it is with cardboard paint charts for decorating. The colour never looks quite the same on the wall. With our metal swatches and samples, the client can see exactly what the finished result will be.”

The samples booth is a miniature replica of Powdertech’s plant, with chrome-free pre-treatment systems, spray guns, suspension lines and ovens for curing to the same temperature as the main ovens. Swatches can be produced rapidly, without having to fit into the main production line and the company is building up a readily available swatches store. The booth is adjacent to Powdertech’s testing laboratory so that samples required for testing can be rapidly processed.

Powdertech keeps meticulous records of all coated samples supplied for a project and these can be re-ordered, even if a project has been delayed by months or even years. If the client can’t recall the shade, name or RAL number, then Powdertech certainly will.

“In our business we believe that quality of finish includes achieving the precise colour that the client envisaged. Our dedicated samples booth, along with the free colour library we offer to clients, is further confirmation of our dedication to that objective.” Richard Besant, Director, Powdertech

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