September 2016 issue

These days, sustainable buildings don’t just need to tick the reduced carbon footprint box, they need to encompass a host of other factors. While buildings are designed with their environmental impact in mind, it’s also important for designers and the building owners to consider the benefits to users and the wider community.

Take for instance Suffolk’s new Energy from Waste recycling plant. Not only does the plant offer low environmental impact, lower waste management and a source of renewable energy, it is also proving to be a great educational resource for school children. Designed by TATA Projects, the plant and its visitor centre have become invaluable to those learning about the environment and sustainability. To learn more about this facility, which is creating a legacy for the future, turn to page 10.

Elsewhere in this issue, Interface’s Miriam Turner explores how the construction industry can strive for genuine innovation again, Ecological Building Systems discusses the importance of wind tightness and Hayward Baker Solicitors reveals how unsafe working conditions are putting the health of builders in serious danger.

Also, for those hoping to attend some of the events taking place over the next couple of months, you will find highlights for both Timber Expo – part of UK Construction Week – and 100% Design. Turn to page 48 to find out more.

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