April 2013 issue

For many of you who visited last month’s Ecobuild exhibition, you may have come away with food for thought – in my case it was a three-course meal. After spending three days perusing the stands of numerous exhibitors – who all consider themselves instrumental in the sustainable building industry – in my view I now see sustainable construction and design on two levels.

Throughout the event, it became apparent to me that there were two types of suppliers/manufacturers deserving recognition in the sustainable building market – those with direct impact on reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint, and those that contribute value rather than immediate cost/energy savings.

Heating, ventilation, windows and flooring products are just some of the components that are integral to ensuring we source and specify responsibly. These systems contribute greatly towards energy savings and carbon footprint, whether it be through recycled materials or U-values. Although in the grand scheme of the project they may appear ‘behind the scenes’; they ultimately have direct impact on our measure of sustainability.

The other type of exhibitor identified enhanced sustainability on a more social/community level. Cyclehoop and Timberplay are just two examples of key players serving to provide architects and specifiers with solutions in order to further add value to community spaces and the streetscape.

Together these specialists work in harmony, and Ecobuild proved the ideal venue for them to congregate. For those who missed the event, turn to page 40 to catch up on all the show highlights plus news from some of the leading companies reporting on their presence.

I hope you enjoy this issue. If you wish to comment on any of the contributions within this edition or share your feedback from the event, please feel free to contact me on hannah@mixedmediainfo.com

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