December 2012 issue

How do we measure success? Some may assess it on financial growth, others may determine success on procurement values. Alternatively, it can be measured by customer satisfaction. As 2012 draws to a close, now is the opportune time to access the goals that may have been set and review how you strived to offer clients more this year. Aside from value for money, providing an efficient service is one way to be assured of gaining a competitive advantage. Among the developing strategies is BIM – the data model increasingly gaining momentum, in part driven by the Government’s BIM mandate.

Autodesk’s annual BIM conference last month reflected on just how far the UK has come in adopting this model, but at the same time outlined that there is still far greater room for training. In a bid to help inform and educate prospective users of BIM, FC&A will feature several BIM forums throughout next year as the model becomes more integral to winning business. Contributors will include those behind the software, architects and contractors, and established drivers in the implementation. Among the discussion topics will be software (due to be featured next month), availability of training, perceived barriers and the future of BIM. If you wish to be part of the panel of experts, it is not too late to submit your comments – simply contact me at

Meanwhile, in this issue, FC&A has put together an exceptional portfolio of projects to conclude the year. As illustrated on the front cover, Refuge du Goûter is a striking new build that is set to welcome mountaineers from all over the globe. Professing to be a highly-efficient and self-sufficient base for climbers on their way to Mont Blanc’s summit, the new refuge incorporates a number of renewable energy systems and locally-sourced materials. Despite claims of being a glorified, high altitude hotel, the build itself is an impressive example of technical construction, which from start to finish has had to overcome significant challenges. Readers can turn to page 6 for more details. Elsewhere, the Leadbitter Group reviews the introduction of the Fee for Intervention and discusses why all personnel should take greater responsibility on site and Saint-Gobain considers the future of Passivhaus.

I hope you enjoy this issue. On behalf of the FC&A team, I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas.

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