October 2011 issue

Whilst I’ve the greatest respect for all those involved in underground engineering and tunnelling – this does not stretch to the mighty mole! Why does he have to show off so elaborately on my lawn? The spoil heaps I’m shovelling away are now mounting up; I’m looking into the possibilities of making an earth sculpture along the lines of the Sultan the Pit Pony in south Wales, or the reclining woman in Northumberland – at the current rate I’ll be building at something around the same size too! Having read Wind in the Willows I’ve had to turn down offers of various mole ‘removal systems’ and am currently trying to will him away.

Although there have been several great trade shows and exhibitions this autumn, I’ll still miss Interbuild! Despite a few facelifts over the past couple of years, I think the growing importance of Ecobuild has made many exhibitors have to choose between one or the other, and Interbuild lost out! But InstallerLive and the Infrastructure Show are there for those to whom winter can’t get a grip without a visit to the NEC in autumn!

Don’t forget, from 6 October 2011, CIS contractor monthly returns will be liable to a new penalty regime. The first return affected will be for payments made to subcontractors in the month ending 5 November 2011, which is due on 19 November 2011. Don’t get caught out – check out www.hmrc.gov.uk/cis/news/penalties.htm

Did anyone watch Pillars of the Earth? As I cannot commit to any TV series longer than, oh, three episodes, I read the book instead – it was great. Never read a novel with so much building going on! Looking forward to the autumn/winter TV schedules, so I can go buy the books instead.

Keep warm!

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