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May 2010 issue

So, around the time this issue lands on your desk the election will be all but over. Bar the shouting, that, in the case of the widely suspected hung result, will go on for the next, oh, four or five years.

I love the old adage of 'no matter who you vote for, the government always get in!' But there’s also the one that goes 'we get the government we deserve' – so it’s up to all of use to not only vote at elections but to pester those who sit in Parliament about issues we feel strongly about. FC&A don’t have any political leanings, apart from to look out for our own industry, so if there are any issues you want us to take up on your behalf, let us know. United we stand and all that...

This March’s budget now may, or may not, be relevant. Decisions like removing the stamp duty on first time purchases of below £250k will have only temporary, and, in my opinion, minimal effect. Stamp duty is a tax on something that kicks off several business transactions. Apparently brought in to control prices at the higher end of the market, and therefore initially affecting very few buyers, it’s now payable by most. And considering that a great many properties are bought because of essential job moves, or family requirements (moving nearer older parents or example), or to downsize to save money, this tax on relocation is ridiculous. Not that I’m bothered by it, obviously.

The expenses ‘scandal’ changed many voters’ opinions of their MP. Hopefully all caught over-claiming will be investigated by HMRC and have the full weight of the Inland Revenue and VAT on them. Can you imagine a small construction company or an architectural practice getting away with overinflated claims, no receipts etc? And this is cross-party; I’m not picking on anyone in particular.

I hope you enjoy this month’s issue of FC&A, we really enjoyed putting it together. We are sent some great case studies, but there’s always room for more. Let me know what you’re working on, you never know, we may pay a visit!

Hope you enjoy!

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