July 2023 Issue

Among the numerous challenges facing the construction industry, including persistent skills shortages, impending Building Regulations deadlines and crucial considerations regarding building and fire safety, one recurring solution keeps emerging as a definitive path to accelerating outdated practices and propelling the industry forward: technology.

While we are all familiar with technology in our daily lives, it has been repeatedly emphasised that the construction industry must embrace and adopt it to keep pace with thriving sectors like the automotive sector, where forward-thinking advancements, such as 3D printing, robots and AI-powered innovations, are prevalent and pushing boundaries.

From trade shows to webinars and seminars to roundtables, there are extensive discussions about the various benefits of cutting-edge technology. However, many parties remain hesitant to fully embrace it. Concerns range from fears of human job displacement, sector fragmentation, cost considerations, a lack of knowledge and awareness to a general resistance to change. Still, the construction industry must catch up in terms of adoption and implementation.

In this month's issue, we feature an article from Maria Hudson, CMO at Zutec, who discusses how technology is revolutionising compliance approaches in the industry, ensuring safer, sustainable and high-quality buildings. For the full story, please turn to page 24.

Additionally, on page 22, David Mitchell, Founder and CEO at XYZ Reality, sheds light on the real danger posed by the depletion of talent in the building and construction field and explains how technology offers a long-term solution to address the labour shortage.

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Rebecca Kemp


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