January 2023 Issue

A new year invariably calls for new goals, and for most working in the construction industry, these fresh objectives mean working even harder to achieve those all-important low-emission, or even early zero-carbon, figures. With the emission-reduction-by-2030 and net-zero-by-2050 deadlines encroaching, the sector, particularly in the UK, is on the hunt for more sustainable practices that will blow these targets out of the water.

The eco-conscious habits of one Scandinavian country are widely known to pique the interests of the less eco-savvy individuals of the UK, and its building techniques, specifically its zero-emission sites, remain to inspire the British construction sector. Norway has been universally praised for its high quality of living, world-leading status in renewable, green technologies and sustainability when it comes to resources. For years, the Norwegians have voluntarily taken on this position as Earth's caretakers, considering the environmental impacts of everything they do. Unlike many, Norway has a long-held instinct to respect its natural surroundings and adhere to more environmentally-friendly practices – all without the eye-opening emergency calls for lowering emissions and thinking more sustainably.

With so much to learn from Norway's mindset and methods, who best to explain its zero-emission demeanor than a Norwegian design specialist? In this month's issue, we talk to Gina Dinesen, a member of Boyer's design team, about the country's zero-emission sites and neighbourhoods. Turn to page 26 to read the full article.

What's more, on page 14, we look at Montreal-based architect practice, Atelier L’Abri's take on a 'Nordic farm' design that is set against Quebec's picturesque Mont-Tremblant National Park and nestled within the Devil’s River valley.

VOID+, a residential scheme developed by Studio Pousti, strives to offer an alternative to the conventional model of living in dense urban spaces.

Rebecca Kemp


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