June 2020 Issue

Following on from last month’s wellbeing focus, it comes as no surprise that our June issue follows the theme of healthy buildings and end-users. In this issue, Architect Christopher Sykes returns; this time with an article on the use of aesthetically-pleasing, energy-saving and crowd-pleasing green roofs and living walls. Turn to page 18 to learn how green roofs are encouraging much-needed biodiversity in our built environment and how living walls are brightening up our concrete and asphalt surroundings.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, not only have we learned to pay more attention to our own wellbeing but we have also spent more time considering sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and taking care of planet earth. Of course, many within the construction and architectural worlds have been heavily advocating sustainability, recycling, upcycling and environmentally-friendly materials and techniques for some time. However, with life on pause, fewer flights and journeys and less pollution in our towns and cities, we have been treated to a rare glimpse of the low-carbon future we are all striving for, and it’s painted the picture we have all been anticipating.

With less travelling and more working from home, what has been evident is the change of heart regarding workplace habits from many employers around the world. With titans such as Twitter announcing staff will be permitted to work from home permanently, many employers are switching on to the benefits and healthy work-life balance this presents – which means the workplace as we know it certainly has some changes in store. To learn more about the destiny of the UK office, we have talked to Joint Managing Director and Co-Founder of design and workplace consultancy, Office Principles, Cyril Parsons. Turn to page 33 to learn more about how the workplace could look in the not so distant future.

RMJM Shanghai was recently appointed by Hengyan authorities to design the Xiangjiang Gate.

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