ZGS checks in at Oslo Airport

The extension at Oslo Airport is one of the biggest recent projects in the lighting industry. Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) connected 21,200 luminaires, installed a record-breaking 32 eBox devices and supported the customer every step of the way. Thanks to the outstanding results, ZGS has now been trusted with the job of modernising other parts of the airport.



slo Airport is getting ready for the future. A second terminal was opened at Norway’s biggest and most important airport in April 2017 and a third one is currently being planned. At the same time, the somewhat dated Terminal 1 is all set to be revamped in the near future. The Zumtobel Group was the full-service provider of the complete lighting solution in Terminal 2. ZGS installed intelligent lighting controls and emergency lighting systems to go alongside 21,200 LED luminaires from Thorn and Zumtobel and various components from Tridonic. At the same time, ZGS helped the customer with additional services right from the very start, advising the project managers and providing specialist training for the numerous electricians.

Imitating nature

The larger the building, the greater the importance of intelligent control systems. This is certainly true in the case of the 117,000m² terminal at Oslo Airport. As well as effectively and efficiently regulating the large number of luminaires, the ZGS systems also adapt the lighting in line with the natural daylight situation. A Skyscanner device mounted on the roof constantly checks the current lighting conditions and sends this information to the LITENET lighting management system. LITENET then enables the best combination of artificial light and daylight – not only in terms of intensity but also when it comes to light colour. This saves up to 82% energy and creates unparalleled visitor experiences.

The airport’s retail area lighting is separate from the lighting controls system in the terminal. Each shop is managed individually via LITECOM. This allows the shopowners to adjust brightness levels and select lighting scenes according to their individual needs.

Safety through service

As the largest eBox emergency lighting installation worldwide, the ZGS emergency lighting system at the airport is a true record-breaker. With 32 eBox central emergency power supply devices, ZGS controls a total of 5000 Zumtobel ONLITE escape sign luminaries. The eBox devices also make sure that power is always provided. All 32 supply modules are visible on a browser-based programme and can be managed easily from any computer. The airport operator, Avinor, has additionally ensured legal compliance with all the rules and regulations by signing an annual ZGS maintenance contract. This agreement includes functional tests required by law, software updates and data storage, enabling ZGS to guarantee full system functionality at all times.

Thomas Knoop, Executive Vice President of ZGS, sees this installation as an indication of a wider trend: “In this project, we’ve again seen what customers really want: complete solutions that cover everything from luminaires to controls and maintenance services. The latest request to update the emergency lighting system in Terminal 1 really confirms the success of our business model.”

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