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On 11th March, the recently appointed Chancellor Rishi Sunak presented the Government’s 2020 Spring Budget. The majority of the announcements focused on the short-term economic relief to those consumers and businesses affected by COVID-19. However, the Government also took the opportunity to follow through on the tax reforms it had originally touted in the lead up to the 2019 General Election.

Since the first known case was diagnosed in Wuhan, China, in November 2019, the outbreak of coronavirus has had far-reaching implications for people and companies both nationally and worldwide. On Thursday, 12th March, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the virus a pandemic, meaning businesses are approaching the unknown in the months to come.

How can you ensure your practice can best get through the disruption being caused by Coronavirus? Having, a solid understanding of what a remote working solution can offer your business now in these unprecedented times and in the longer term, is a great place to start.

It goes without saying that the impact of Coronavirus on the development sector will be significant – not only the immediate, considerable and often unpredictable obstacles that we face today but for years to come. But the housing shortage won’t go away, and new infrastructure is desperately needed.

The coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has raised serious health concerns, with some countries imposing travel restrictions to tackle the spread of the illness.

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