ARCHITECT@WORK moves to Old Truman Brewery for 2019

ARCHITECT@WORK, a carefully curated annual two-day trade event aimed at architects, interior designers and specifiers, will move to Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch for the seventh London edition from 30th to 31st January. The two days include free admission for registered trade visitors and complimentary catering throughout, encouraging networking and downtime as well as deal-making opportunities.



xhibition Manager, Hannelore Caenepeel, comments: “Our team is very excited to finally be able to hold ARCHITECT@WORK in one of London’s most vibrant architecture and design districts. We are convinced that this move to Shoreditch is key to the further development of our unique exhibition concept.”

Leading international architectural suppliers will showcase over 200 innovative products and offer the latest innovations in surface solutions, lighting technology as well as interior and exterior fixtures and fittings. All exhibitors go through a rigorous selection process, with an external judging panel overseeing the product selection, to ensure that this is one of the UK’s most highly respected trade shows of its kind.

The theme for ARCHITECT@WORK UK 2019 is ‘future-proof’. In an age when change is measured in seconds, not years, and sustainability is a necessity; not an ‘extra’, architects and designers are increasingly tasked with proposing projects that have longevity. How can practitioners ensure they are taking the lead when it comes to future-proofing their projects and who is setting the agenda for tomorrow’s built environment?

To tie in with the theme, design consultancy and library, MaterialDriven, will present ‘MATERIALS THAT…’, a curated collection of materials and projects that have been future-proofed by either having health benefits, being adaptable, resilient or complete a cycle. ‘...ARE HEALTHY’ will focus on materials that contribute to health and wellbeing and are not only toxin-free but also toxin-absorbing, including fabrics embedded with seaweed and carbon-negative composites made with captured greenhouse gases. ‘...ADAPT’ will showcase modular products that can easily be moved or made larger/smaller. ‘...ARE RESILIENT’ will include durable materials that can withstand all the elements. ‘...CLOSE THE LOOP’ will highlight materials that have longer lifecycles and can be reused, repaired and recycled rather than being sent to landfill, from bioplastics to bricks grown from mycelium.


Wednesday 30th January

15:00 – Modern methods:
Off-site construction and pre-fabrication are the buzzwords of the day, and they are bringing about a quiet revolution within the built environment. A series of high-profile case studies will be explored in this talk, demonstrating how modern methods of construction are changing building design across all sectors.

16:15 – Sarah Wigglesworth in conversation
Architect Sarah Wigglesworth has been championing sustainable design for decades and has created projects that foster social wellbeing, while retaining her environmental credentials. In this special interview, she will reveal the key projects that have shaped the practice, as well as discussing upcoming work that demonstrates the evolution of her work.

17:30 – Back to the future
Demolishing old buildings and replacing them with new ones is expensive and bad for the environment. The truly sustainable approach for the city is one that renovates and reimagines its built heritage, making it fit for purpose for the contemporary occupant. This panel of experts will look at a range of case studies, from homes to offices and galleries to exhibition centres.

Thursday 31st January

13:00 – Eco is not a dirty word
Sustainability is absolutely integral to the future of the built environment, but there are still very few companies that are creating truly innovative projects and developments. The speakers on this panel will explain the power of green design, with small boutique projects that wrap around trees, megastructures and sustainable strategies for healthy city development.

16:15 – Zero-carbon cities
What can we do to make our cities carbon-neutral? The technology exists, but we need good design coupled with developers and local Government to make it a reality. This panel of experts will prove that zero carbon isn’t science fiction, it’s happening now and it’s achievable for everyone.

17:30 – Brave new world
Architects and designers have historically played an important role in helping us visualise what our world might look like in the near future. By using cutting-edge technologies and radical forms, we are encouraged to look ahead, not back. However, restrained and rational projects have become the fashion in the recent years, and this talk explores the work of a few brave souls that are creating the places and spaces of the future, inspiring the next generation.


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