Newton Waterproofing Systems are the oldest independent UK suppliers of damp proofing products, since introducing the first damp proofing membrane, Newtonite, in 1937. Having grown their expertise ever since, Newton’s product range has now been bolstered by three new BBA certified damp proofing products to provide a comprehensive solution for the age-old problem of rising damp.

Hudson Lambert, Director of Safeguard Europe, considers the issue of penetrating damp in new and converted properties, and how modern masonry treatments can solve the problem.

With over 50 years in the business of the manufacture, supply and installation of wall & door protection, Yeoman Shield has a lot of knowledge and experience to share.

Canopies and shelters offer protection from the elements, but these structures need protecting too. Much of the canopy itself may be constructed of composite sheeting such as polycarbonate, but the supporting posts, beams and rafters are normally aluminium or steel that benefit aesthetically and functionally from powder coating. Flaking paint and corroded metal is unattractive and potentially dangerous.

Environmental campaigning charity, Friends of the Earth, has brought its brand identity to life through the design of its new London-based office space. The result is a positive workplace that stays true to the organisation’s core environmental beliefs, and reminds the Friends of the Earth team of its purpose, while sowing the seeds for the organisation to continue to thrive.

Fire door sets are designed to specifically reduce the rate at which fire spreads through a building, with hardware, hinges and handles that resist fire as much as the main core of the door itself. Whether you’re considering fire protection for homes, residential or commercial application, knowing you can rely on your door set to stop the spread of fire is extremely important, and offers that all important peace of mind.

The constant in and out of employees from the kitchen quarters to the front-of-house serving areas of a busy staff restaurant over many years has caused concerning and unsightly damage to the kitchen’s fire-rated doors.

Timber cladding is a beautiful, natural material for creating warm and stunning appearances for new-build projects. However, local Building Regulations will often require an approved and effective fire retardant protection to the claddings to ensure a safe service life, particularly for public access buildings.

The Scandinavian log cabins and lodges at the picturesque Felmoor Park in Northumberland have been given a striking new finish thanks to Remmers wood coatings.

The increase in rain events and flooding and a lowering of the water table are clear indicators that the ecology of the water cycle has been severely impaired as a result of climate change and the consistently high level of soil sealing.

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